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"Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet" -Henry Mintzberg




Aalto Management and International Business, MIB for short, is the subject club for all management students and other Aalto University students interested in management. MIB covers topics ranging from strategy and international business to human resource management, communication, and sustainability. 


The purpose of the subject club is to promote the interests of our student members, advance the cooperation between the students and the Department of Management Studies and support the professional development of the students who are interested in the subject of Management and International Business.


MIB organizes various activities for its members, aiming to connect them with the Department of Management Studies faculty, potential employers, and like-minded students. The activities include company visits, training sessions, and social gatherings.


The subject club is one of Aalto University Student Unions special status associations. Special status associations are granted entry to different AYY committees, which allows for more interdisciplinary operation of the subject club.




Screen capture of the MIB Board during a video call.

MIB Board 2021

President – Hedda-Leena Grip
Vice President – Ella Tiilikainen
Corporate Relations – Arne Sirén
Academic Affairs – Linh Tran
Community Manager – Aada Kervinen
Event Coordinator – Susanna Pietilä
Communications & Marketing – Valtteri Manninen
Treasurer – Janika Santala

Board members:
Markus Huuhtanen
Katriina Korhonen
Milla Korhonen

Maiju Rossi
Vivianne Ruohola
Maija Saari
Kim Sjöström



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